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Estate Probate on Long Island

If you are the administrator, you have many duties fulfill. You are expected to collect estate assets, pay out liabilities, taxes, and fees, and finally distribute the estate. Those are no easy tasks, but most people are up to it. However, documentary and legal aspects of administering an estate are better left to the professionals. That includes filing the application, getting all the papers together to support it, giving notice and obtaining waivers from all of the required parties, submitting an estate accounting, dealing with the IRS, and finally asking to be discharged as the administrator. We can deal with those things so that you can focus on your administrative duties as well as have the time to attend to other important matters in your life.

If you are charged with taking care of a Long Island estate, we will help you file the initial petition and the supporting documents, help you obtain jurisdiction and waivers on the interested parties, direct you in locating estate assets, advise you of the claims procedure, help you decide which creditors need to be paid, help you with taxation issues, and advise you on how to best distribute the assets of the estate.

If you are a beneficiary, we will monitor the estate, making sure that the law is followed and that you timely receive every bit of the inheritance that you are entitled to. If suspicious activity occurs in the estate, we will let you know and then follow up on it, first with a letter or a phone call, and if that does not help, in estate litigation.

By using our law firm, people have avoided costly mistakes and omissions and saved money on potential liability. We make sure that the estate is distributed as quickly and efficiently as the law allows.

To find out more about estate administration in Long Island, read about the estate administration process and view our sample probate timeline. You can also go through some of the frequently asked questions about estate administration. If you need representation in an estate proceeding, call the Law Offices of Albert Gurevich at (516) 777-0647 and speak to a Long Island estate attorney.