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Long Island Estate Attorney Albert Gurevich

My name is Albert Gurevich, and I am devoted to the practice of estate law. I can help you win a lawsuit, protect your inheritance or close out an estate. I have helped hundreds of families in New York achieve their legal goals.

Here are the things that I can help you with:

Litigate an Estate on Long Island – I will fight hard to get you the most out of your Long Island estate. Whether or not your side wins depends not only on the facts but also on the persuasiveness and conviction of the trial attorney who is arguing your case. Click below to see how I can excel on your behalf in the following areas:

Probate a Long Island Estate – I help people close out Long Island estates in the shortest possible period of time. I know my way around the Nassau County Surrogate’s Court and Suffolk County Surrogate’s Court. This helps me finish up your probate or administration case without unneeded expenses and delays.

Make a Will or a Trust – From a simple will to complicated multi-generational trusts, I provide estate planning services that are very effective in accomplishing your goals. I can make a quick will for you, ensure that your business is transferred smoothly to the next generation and help you save on estate taxes.

I know the Nassau County and Suffolk County Surrogate’s courts, and I will do my absolute best to be ahead of your opponents. As a Long Island estate attorney, I stand ready to fight for you in any type of estate litigation.

If you need competent representation for your Long Island estate, or to speak with a Long Island estate lawyer, call me at (516) 777-0647.